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Vizera™ brings unprecedented shopping experience to retail showrooms.

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Vizera is a smart projection device

that performs accurate projections on physical objects.

Our Material Simulation Engine matches colors, scales and features of real materials. Vizera's material projections show exactly how an object would look like if it was covered by another material in the real world.

Vizera automatically detects pre-scanned objects within the scene and performs accurate projections on those objects only; making installations super easy and flexible.

You can use your favourite smart device to control Vizera; most of our customers use a tablet to do that.

Vizera is an independent hardware device; all you need to do is to plug the power cord and add it to your Wi-Fi network. Vizera uses the internet to do the rest.


Our Initial Application: Furniture Retail

We started our initial application in furniture retail; simply because buying furniture is a big deal. It requires a thick wallet and patience of a saint.

Fabric selection is a pain.

Of the whole furniture shopping process, fabric selection is especially lengthy, problematic and painstaking.



  • It is hard to visualize finished piece from swatches or CAD visualization tools.
  • Too many / few choices complicate the selection.
  • They have to trust the sales rep; this creates tension and makes decision making more complicated.



  • Adding upholstered pieces to retail floor is expensive.
  • Fabric selection is lengthy and often risky.
  • Most customers leave the store with fabric samples and more than 50% of them never come back.
  • Customers often get stuck and move on to the next store.

Vizera to the rescue

Real-time, in-store upholstery projections on actual furniture, easy with a tablet interface.


Customers, Vizera can:

  • Help them see exactly what different fabric/texture and furniture combinations look like in living color and true scales.
  • Simplify and diversify fabric search without overwhelming them.
  • Eliminate any doubts or tensions.


Retailers, Vizera can:

  • Help using expensive retail space a lot more efficiently.
  • Help keeping customers inside the store; enabling Retailer to control the process.
  • At the end of the day: shorten sales cycles & increase conversion rates. This means more sales.

Hear from real customers

Every furniture store should have it. With a clear picture of what will be delivered; there is no more guessing. I was very impressed!

Emilia Hall, Customer, SF Bay Area

Oh God, finally! Why there was no such thing before? We mentioned Vizera to all our friends who were about to buy furniture soon.

Abdurrahman Tarikçi, Customer, Ankara

We think this should be used in every field of furniture, whether it be curtains, couches or wallpapers.

Ali Aydoğan, Customer, Ankara

This will become our indispensable sales tool within the store; I don't expect to close any single sales without using Vizera in the future.

Mehmet Gültop, Sales Expert, Ankara

Other Applications

A future of retail; where space is no more an issue and customers can view all options vividly.

Home Decor

Imagine walking inside a small showroom and choosing wallpapers, curtains, rugs and flooring of your house without looking at any slabs or samples.

Home Decor


Wouldn't it be great; to choose color and style of your brand new car by seeing how exactly each selection will look like?

Vizera can project all available colors and materials on exterior and interior surface of an automobile in a small showroom.



Vizera opens up a whole new realm of opportunities for many other verticals; including shoes, bags, accessories, architecture & interior design, construction, healthcare and gaming.

If there are any other applications you can think of, we would love to hear from you at


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Vizera can be installed and integrated in less than one hour.

We are happy to demonstrate Vizera in your furniture showrooms or for any other application you may think of.

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Our patent pending technologies that
made it real:

3D Texture Characterization

We use special algorithms to recognize patterns, colors and the texture for fast and seamless integration of your fabrics.

Smart Beaming

Vizera emits special beams that only illuminate certain objects within the environment.

Enhanced Material Simulation

The realistic results no way by coincidence.

Our R&D team made sure the results are indistinguishable from real materials; with true colors, true sizes and stunning detail.

Fabric IQ Engine

Our Fabric IQ Engine helps sales experts personalize fabric selections: through fast searching, filtering and recommendations.

Decision Assistance

Vizera uses special algorithms to augment the decision making of your customers; by presenting their fabric selections in a such a fashion that it is easiest for them to make a choice.