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Vizera™ brings unprecedented shopping experience to retail showrooms.

Vizera is a smart projection device

that performs accurate projections on physical objects.

  • Easy Setup

    Vizera automatically detects pre-scanned objects within the scene and performs accurate projections on those objects only; making installations super easy and flexible.

  • True Materials

    Our Material Simulation Engine matches colors, scales and features of real materials. Vizera's material projections show exactly how an object would look like if it was covered by another material in the real world.

  • Simple Control

    You can use your favourite smart device to control Vizera; most of our customers use a tablet to do that.

  • Single Plug

    Vizera is an independent hardware device; all you need to do is to plug the power cord and add it to your Wi-Fi network. Vizera uses the internet to do the rest.

Why should you get Vizera to your retail stores?

Because Vizera will help you:

Sell faster.

Vizera helps customers decide faster; by showing them what end products will look like in true scale & colors.

Ligne Roset

Ligne Roset now has their stores equipped with Vizera in 7 different French cities. Sales reps use Vizera on a daily basis. This allows them enjoy:

  1. Shorter sales cycles: because it provides better visualization of colors and textures
  2. Happier customers: because it gives them a peace of mind and even better in-store customer service
  3. Innovative Brand Image

Increase your store's foot traffic.

Vizera can easily be installed to storefronts. Rather than only few items, Vizera allows you to display hundreds of items; without any extra physical storefront space.

Merchandise can be autonomously updated every 5, 15 or 30 seconds. This will engage people passing by and bring meaningful traffic to your retail store.

Your customers can also interact with Vizera through their smart devices; changing your merchandise from the other side of the window.

Use retail space a lot more efficiently.

From Squarefeets to Megabytes

When installed inside your store, Vizera allows you to display hundreds of items at a space that would normally be good to display only one item, without Vizera. Cost structure for that merchandise changes from squarefeet to megabytes; which is a great improvement.

Vizera can change your merchandise as fast as every 5 seconds; so that every time your customers look, there's a different product.


An online home decor retailer, equipped their first physical showroom with Vizera to save retail space:

  1. They dedicated a 100 sqfeet corner to Vizera; allowing them display about 100 different designs.
  2. Normally, they would have needed 5000 sqfeet to display as many designs.
  3. Customers are inspired with the unique designs that are presented; and this helps creating sales opportunities.

Vivense uses Vizera at slideshow mode in their showrooms; in every 30 seconds, there is a new merchandise being displayed at their futuristic corner.

Le Cedre Rouge

Le Cedre Rouge Paris and Belgian manufacturer Marie's Corner collaborated to use Vizera:

  1. Le Cedre Rouge is a home decor retailer working with different manufacturers. (including Marie's Corner)
  2. Thanks to Vizera, Marie's Corner has a disproportionately bigger space and presence within the store in comparison with others; because Vizera allows them to show hundreds of different designs.
  3. 70% of customers passing by are engaged and spending more than a minute looking at the merchandise presented in this 150 sqfeet area.

Applications of Vizera





Interactive Room


Our patent pending technologies that
made it real:

  • 3D Texture Characterization

    We use special algorithms to recognize patterns, colors and the texture for fast and seamless integration of your fabrics.

  • Smart Beaming

    Vizera emits special beams that only illuminate certain objects within the environment.

  • Enhanced Material Simulation

    The realistic results no way by coincidence.

    Our R&D team made sure the results are indistinguishable from real materials; with true colors, true sizes and stunning detail.

  • Fabric IQ Engine

    Our Fabric IQ Engine helps sales experts personalize fabric selections: through fast searching, filtering and recommendations.

  • Decision Assistance

    Vizera uses special algorithms to augment the decision making of your customers; by presenting their fabric selections in a such a fashion that it is easiest for them to make a choice.